365 Day Poster to help you see your progress and earn rewards! Here's a proven method to have a STRONGER year! 


It's simple. Every day you acheive your goal, mark it off on the calendar! They don't need to be consecutive days in a row. By having more days checked off than not, you will succeed! 


Seeing your progress and celebrating it, is motivating and creates a strong desire to keep your streak going! 


Earn rewards for days checked off, for not missing consecutive weeks, and more! 


Begin in 2021 and continue to earn rewards through February 2022! It's ok to miss days, we all will. All we need to do is hit more days than we miss. It adds up to BIG results! 


Help keep focused with a STRONGER 2021 wristband! (included)

Stronger 2021 Poster

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  • Poster 11 X 17 Glossy