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Workouts: Each 30-40-minute workout serves a purpose and has a goal.

●     Each workout is specifically planned to effectively build on the workouts previous to it so that within the week our community gains through all 10 aspects of fitness. Each of these 10 aspects are vital in, not only performing the basic daily tasks required to live, but in preventing injury and illness. By efficiently incorporating all aspects into a fitness program we stabilize our basic human need to perform daily tasks. Community Fit programs these aspects to build on that base and enable people to ENJOY life as well as PREPARE for the unexpected. These 10 Aspects of Fitness are:

  • Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance (the body’s ability to gather, process and deliver oxygen)

  • Stamina (the body’s ability to gather, process, store, and utilize energy)

  • Strength (the muscles ability to apply force)

  • Flexibility (the ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint)

  • Power (the body’s ability to apply its maximum amount of force in a minimum amount of time

  • Speed (the body’s ability to minimize the amount of time executing a movement or series of movements

  • Coordination (the ability to combine several different, distinct movements into a singular effort or outcome)

  • Agility (the body’s ability to transition from one movement into another, in a minimum amount of time)

  • Balance (the body’s ability to maintain its center of gravity in relation to its environment, its movement, forces against it, and its own force)

  • Accuracy (the ability to control movement in any direction at any intensity)

●     Each week is specifically planned to build on the weeks previous as well as prepare for the upcoming weeks. This doesn’t mean that the “easiest” workout will be January 1st, and the “hardest and longest” workout will be December 31st. Community Fit allows for growth as each person allows. 

  •  Workouts are programmed to be most effective when combined with the ones surrounding it. This allows for shorter workouts, more effective results, no “routine” or repetitive workouts, which result in the human body adapting quicker, recovering faster, and each person seeing and feeling results sooner. 

  • Each workout is modifiable. Meaning that the rookie coming in for the first time, very out of shape, very overweight, very scared, will be able to complete the workout that is programmed. The same workout programmed for the super fit veteran who is there to push him/herself. 

    • Regardless of experience, ability, age, injury, or excuse, Community Fit safely modifies the workout to allow for the same benefits. 

    • We know which movements to do to avoid re-injuring a back, without compromising the intents of the workout. For example, instead of a barbell deadlift, we begin with a dumbbell or kettlebell sumo squat/deadlift. 

    • Community Fit follow a specific, safe, and proven methods for scaling/modifying workouts.

      • Begin by scaling the workouts back by half. Use half the weight recommended and complete half the reps recommended

      • We ask each person to do what they can, and we will help them figure out the rest. Some of these techniques include:

        •  Shortening the range of motion by using other equipment (Ex. Hip injuries/L5-S1 or Sacral injuries: avoid transverse plane movements, impact, or weight distribution away from the center gravity until stabilization is improved)

    •  Utilizing other equipment to encourage other movements. 

      • Ex. resistance bands for situps, on a bench, so the member doesn’t need to get up and down on the ground. 

      • Ex. Burpees against the wall, bar, or box

      • Using the Rig system or resistance bands to aid in proper squat technique and avoid unnecessary back or knee pain

    • Avoiding the addition of any extra weight and utilizing the body’s own weight while encouraging flexibility

      • This is very beneficial for those with disc/spinal/back issues

      • Those with shoulder and neck issues

  • Community Fit recommends following the 50/50 rule (half weight/half reps) for a minimum of 3 weeks. Then scaling, individually based on progress and ability, as follows:

    •  Half weight/half reps

    • Half weight/75% reps

    • Half weight/All reps

    • 75% weight/All reps

    •  All weight/All reps

  • Community Fit takes great care with different ages to allow for maximum efficiency and benefit, while safely accounting for certain age-specific concerns.

  • 12 and older may participate in the same class, (with their parent or guardian), while observing the above scaling rules

  • Ages 40+ recommended options:

    •  Step downs from box jumps

  • Regardless of age, utilizing a box no higher than 12” reduces the risk of Achilles injuries significantly

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