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"I had the pleasure and wonderful opportunity of working with Lizz (Lizzy B is what I call her) back in late 2013.  I had been with a previous trainer for about 3 years and I was looking for a community of fit peeps that was a bit closer to my home.  

I instantly loved Lizz, she became one of my favorite trainers - and just overall one of my favorite people in general.  I loved how she encouraged me and really worked with me right where I was.  I always loved that she encouraged me to do what I can do today and gave me a goal of the type of exercise I could work up to.  

She is a true coach that will get in there and do the work out with you - a lot of trainers and coaches just stand around and watch you - but not Lizz!  She is in it with you!  

I eventually came to look forward to the exercises and I truly missed it when I had to move away.  I still consider it to be one of the most enjoyable fitness times.  I still reach out to Lizz today - even though I've moved away - when I need to reset and need to know where to start again.

She's so patient and understanding and just a "real" person.  You can always feel the love when you talk to Lizz!


Anyway, I'll stop gushing!  If you have the chance to work with Lizz, take it!  You and your body will love it!"


- Carla Keys


"There’s no doubt that Lizz Bennett entering my life was an act of Divine Intervention! We had been friends for a few years, but when we came together in a coach/athlete setting, I don’t think either of us realized what lay ahead: a deep, profound, literally life-changing relationship that would broaden beyond friendship, beyond training, and into the space of sisterhood. 

I came to her wanting, needing, and even aching for rebuilding, confidence, and strength. She quickly saw my soul. She reached me, accepted me and, with a gift expressly hers, understood where I’d been, where I was, and where I needed to go. 

And then she took me there!

Lizz meticulously crafted a personal plan for ME. Together we set out on a one year journey to my 40th birthday, making the very most of every day - including every last burpee, every last mile, every last 25 yards and on and on... and on. One of my favorite memories is when I saw a week’s worth of “pre-race workouts” on my training plan. Hmmm... “Uh, am I doing a race this weekend?” I asked. “Yeah, I thought it’d be fun! And I think you can PR.” She said. Not only did I PR (laying to rest my previous best from 6-8 years prior), but I took 2nd place female overall. Lizz knew my potential and peak time when even I didn’t know it - she’s THAT good.

My journey to 40 with Lizz was made up of shedding 20 pounds, a half marathon relay, 10K, two overnight running relays (one of which including running 33ish miles over the course of six runs in about 36 hours), two triathlons, and a 20 mile trail race. I’ve never had so many 1st place in my age group wins in my life! Did I mention all this came after recovering from a devastating herniated disk that threatened my running life?!

Through Lizz I became more familiar with what I had in me. She drew out my best through my hardest. She believed in me and truly loved me. And, of course, I love her!!"


- Stacie Pabst

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